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Finally the gun totting custodians of Islam through their “holy campaign of terror” have introduced the “Rule of Allah” in one of the most beautiful parts of Pakistan and regrettably the imposition of Talebani Shariah at gun point has unanimously been approved by the Pro-Taleban Pakistani parliamentarians except MQM which has shown some serious reservations on Nizam e Adl bill and boycotted voting during session.

Majority of Pakistanis in general have welcomed this draconian version of Islam and labeled it as “victory of Islam”.

MQM comparatively a liberal political party has taken a firm and principled stand on this issue by completely disagreeing with the regulation. According to them this practice will set a precedent for the extremists and influential people in other parts of the country to impose their rule in their respective areas. MQM was not against implementation of Shariah rather it opposed the Taliban Shariah in Malakand division .

Surprisingly the majority of political parties of Pakistan have supported implementation of Talebani Shariah but at the same time they were hesitant to impose the same law in their native areas. If according to parliament, Taleban have introduced true Islam and the deal for maintaining peace was indispensible then what prevents Pakistani political parties to welcome the same in Islamabad and Lahore.

Unfortunately the “holy campaign of terror” still strengthens in Pakistan and just because of handful terrorists “Nuclear Pakistan” stands on the verge of being a failed state losing grip on all of its affairs.

Endorsement of Taleban law from parliament also puts across a very wrong message to the world, qualms of int’l community regarding Pakistan’s sincerity in war against terrorism would mount, as our Government by endorsing un Islamic Nizam e Adl regulation has actually  gelled up Taleban and their fundamentalist ideology with mainstream politics and state of affairs.

Official support to inhumane Taleban ideology clearly indicates that Taleban are no more non state actors and whatever damage they would do domestically as well as internationally would be with the consent of Pakistani Government. They are no more the ones who had been blamed for terrorism, suicide attacks, bombings, murders, kidnappings and International terrorism; they are the part and parcel of current Pakistani regime and Pakistani parliament is proud of them.

Introduction of Talebani Nizam e Adl directly challenges the supreme court of Pakistan and struggle of lawyers who didn’t even hesitate to give away their lives to ensure supremacy of law in Pakistan. I hope we will see more long marches and protest from the civil society of Pakistan against the parallel judicial system which has recently challenged Chief Justice of Pakistan for taking Suo Moto action against girl flogging in Swat.

Legitimization of Taleban by Pakistani parliament has actually opened a Pandora box and above all this action would strengthen the most widely believed myth that “Islam was spread by sword”.


Couple of important developments took place right after the approval of Talebani Shariah

1- Swat Taliban refuse to lay down arms

2- Militants enjoy immunity from law: TNSM


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  1. we cannot say it is Islam but we can say the tradition which were always been in Sawat at the time of “Wali-e-Sawat” and when they were merging with Pakistan it was declared by them that their rules will remain same. Well Punishments like this were also introduced by Zia-ul-Haq. Judicial system and Punishment in Islam is very clear in Sorah-e-Maida but the procedure they adopted in Sawat needs more Quranic Education, Ahadees, four school of thoughts and the knowledge of Taba-een.

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