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As we all know government approved of a bill that allowed men to commit marital rape. Some claim this law was hurriedly passed to win crucial election votes from a particular minority Shia group, even though this law doesn’t extend to Sunni group. It was after an international outcry that the government decided to “look into the matter”. Afghanistan Ambassador to Canada, Omar Samad was on a rather defensive note, appealing to the international community to have some patience while the country deals gingerly with its newfound democracy. He further elaborated that Afghanistan women have come a long way and that they no longer are oppressed. There are women representative in Parliament, holding 89 seats out of 351 and run businesses too. Okay, so what the hell was this marital rape law for? This country had made some progression for women and now have taken one step back to stone age!

I am struggling to understand why would a government, for the sake of votes, allow something that is meant to be unIslamic to be passed? Why? Secondly, didn’t they realise that taking such step would surely lead to an international outcry? I mean after all they know what Afghanistan has been through? Do they want the country to get bad rap again? and that too from human rights? It seems like the dumb government didn’t think this through. Thirdly, is this right way to go about getting crucial votes? to appease a certain group by allowing an undemocratic practise to go underway? What is all the more interesting is the fact our dear beloved neigbouring president Karzai has no comments to make over this farce. Maybe he is thinking ‘wtf have I got myself into. Who knows.



  1. Yeah, I Was watching in the news, They are going to legalise Child marriage too. Its alarming.

  2. Very well written article. I agree with you totally. Its really heart rending to see such law being passed just cause it suit some bigwigs purpose. And the funny thing is, no movement is taking place to address the issue as ugly as this.

  3. when Women protection ordinange can pass in Pakistan why not such type of Afghanistan

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