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By: Abida Bokhari

  • Everything good is done by your party is very conveniently brushed aside but even if a dog died in your neighbor, it would be blamed on your party… “As of course…. Nothing could be done in Karachi without the interference of your party, you know!
  • Your party wins seats, its rigging. And you wonder what was stopping your party not to rig it in other areas where they didn’t win.
  • Your party protest against government, it is named “terrorism” but when other parties ludicrously blabber against the government on the streets, you get mails of Jalib’s poetry like “Jaag meray ????????? (Sorry I am forgetting the state name here) in support of it.
  • Your counterpart make atrocious allegation of your party being Indian funded at the end of every argument.
  • Other parties cuss each other in parliament and everywhere but never hesitant to gang up on you whenever they get a chance.
  • You are sidelined in all party conference and you wonder… “How in hell is it “All” party conference.” then you realize. OK… that’s cause your party is ‘Indian funded’ party.”
  • Your party member appears in a talk show and you witness a show of fantastic fulmination by host along with other political members.
  • Every work of Mayor of your party is blatantly attributed to the precedent Mayor… and you left in the ocean of “eh.”
  • Opposition loves to incriminate against your party.
  • And then comes at your party doorsteps to form coalition, with the same vile face when in government.
  • When operation against your party takes place, it is justified because it IS justified. But when the same happens in other militant occupied regions, it is inhumane.
  • When you question die hard parliamentarians about extra-judicial killings of your party being “constitutional”; “Duh! It’s Indian funded party” is the reply thrown in your face.
  • When rallies are held by other parties, it has masses’ support. However, when hundred of thousands of people mustered up to attend your party rally, they are either pressured or rented or perhaps imported from India (?).
  • Your opponents make fun of your party leader’s sing song accent. And yet, ironically, those losers listen to your leader’s each address.
  • Any statement coming from your party is considered insignificant by your adversary and yet, ironically, those losers spend hours and hours hashing out on that statement.
  • Despite your party being tagged as one city party, there is no day when news channels/forums go without gabbling about your party.
  • You sit and mull over this excruciating shabbiness in frustration, it hits you… “Even thwarters’ hatred is working for your party”. And you smile!!!

Inspired by “You know you are from PTI, when” which was itself inspired from “you know you are from Karachi, when” etc etc.



  1. Awesome piece of work! Agree with each and every poiint although its always good to have clowns like that in other parties — they actually strengthen MQM by their ultimate idiotness.

  2. Aaah. Cry babies will be cry babies ;). Never knew Punjab in Jaag meray Punjab was a state.

  3. Oh, yes it looks like a truth, like i can notice many times everyone always started bashing MQM and its members, they even do not accept their good works. Good and i think very true by author.

  4. Lol…Awesome piece of work :D

  5. lets start phadd here :D

  6. lets start phadda here :D

  7. So true!

  8. A masterpiece!

    Every word of it is so true that I wish I can hang it on my wall. The hatred which we have received from our country men has actually made us more stronger. The more they will hate us, the more we will be united and stronger.

  9. Well, I have heard a very noble quote from a very noble man, which states something lke, “When you found yourself being criticize for no reason, Be Happy!, coz you are having or conferring glory, and your enemies are getting afraid of you.

  10. /Aaah. Cry babies will be cry babies ;) . Never knew Punjab in Jaag meray Punjab was a state.//

    Ali T. Can you do better than the baseless rambling? I know that the answer is in negative but still …. hope against hope you know.

    and by the way… you haven’t contradicted anything in the article… so shall i believe that you agree with what i have written?

  11. Thanks Everyone who appreciated. You people have a FANTASTIC taste. That’s a good thing.

  12. Never realized I will be reading such a childish and pathetic sequel to “You know you are from PTI when”.

    Anyway next time you let such things on the blog kindly add a viewer discretion notice mentioning it can be hurtful to eyes and sensitivities of every sane man and woman.

  13. though i visited this quite late but what i want to say about this post is “Marvelous”.

    One more thing !!

    I am not shabby nor frustrated, I am proud that I am worker of MQM and Altaf Hussain who not only give voice to Sleeping Urdu Speaking Community but made them So Strong that no one can dare to repeat Qasba Aligerh Massacre again.

  14. lOl..very gud ! :)

  15. one of the best articles… kiya sahi akkasi ki mqm ki ::) and its haters :P.. zabardast article abida bokhari….
    ga mqm…. sada ga

  16. well you miss the wrost part of MQM.

    like MQM Nazimeen who always ready to pullup the legs of innocent people and which is on record if you ever want to see it meet me and this i always said to you that its good to build road but its not good to build wall in the heart of innocent peoples. MQM Nazimeen is the wrost part of mqm. These people love to protest on road when someone disrespect BB’s remember temple but when they were singing ” awaami katto benazir bhutto”. MQM change their motives each and everytime whem government change

  17. if your point of view or being MQMer your article is excellent.

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