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I learnt this precious fact in one of my public speaking classes.

We were having a debate over the most talked on topic on this plane. Yes, you guessed it right, it WAS “male or female, who is the superior gender.” And as it happens, arguments like “Adam was created first”, “men are the maintainers and protectors of the family”, “men are one strength higher” so on and so forth were being put forth.

And then this fellow came up with the 2nd most interesting point of that day, “women are inferior for they can be assaulted.”

This put us girls into deep and uncomfortable silence. Understandably!

But then this girl– who has come from New York and hence, consider bold (as per Pakistan standard, of course) said, “Do ya know men are raped too.”

And while we girls hailing that great woman and expecting same adjective silence from the great gender, this guy—who is rather modest (as per Pakistani standard, of course) and has beard touching his toe, appeared on the podium and bestowed upon us this astounding information. He stated, “yes men can be raped too, but you see my sisterzz, Men are privileged by God to rape women and men, both. But women are nat. So, as men are ‘privileged,’ they are superior!”


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  1. The fact that the question of “who’s the superior gender” was even made into a subject of discussion is a sick thought. It implies that the answer’s either one or the other; and it breeds sexism. In fact I couldn’t think of a faster was to get a class of people toss about sexist garbage than to ask a question like that. Of course, the first and only reply to this answer should be “they’re equal”, everything else is a cultural stereotype. Who ever put that question up for discussion needs a right spanking.

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