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Politics is dirty – everywhere in the world, but it gets dirtier in Pakistan. It is one of the reasons why it cannot prevail in our country. People of Pakistan have been a secondary priority for our politicians since the beginning and is getting worse now. And thanks to the short term memory of Pakistanis, who elect the same politicians again and again. We, as a nation, do not like change and hence are responsible for the poor governance (it might be a small word). If we check the history of Pakistan, we can see the same families and same people ruling the country for more than sixty years. We are in a dire need of new leaders, but are there any available in the market? NO.

Most people don’t agree that Pakistani, as a nation, ever tried or struggled for democracy. We welcomed each dictator, and expressed gratitude for throwing away corrupt political governments. Democracy is against the traditions of this region, where common people like to be ruled by elite class. This is the reason we rarely see middle class representatives in our National Assembly or senate. People like to vote for a rich man, who rides in a big car, surrounded by body guards. The whole blame cannot be put on illiteracy; educated people are a part of this.

People are more aware of their rights, and their knowledge for politics has developed due to our newly-born-independent media. It is one of the reasons why some people expected ‘change’ from the elections last year. But what is the result? One of the most corrupt governments is in power with a battalion of ministers. When Pakistanis will grow-up to elect sensible people? Military rule is a temporary solution; democracy should be given time to grow in our country. Pakistan is going through one of its difficult times, and needs a stable government and a strong army. Ruling army cannot be strong enough to counter attacks. Today or tomorrow, we all have to accept that only democracy can solve our problems and military should stay away from governance. In order to reap the fruits of true democracy, media has to play a positive role to educate people for next elections.


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  1. True very true.

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