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Some days back GreenStar Social Marketing  launched the video song of their product “Touch Condoms”. Any social marketing company has first time aggressively advertised condoms in Pakistan through massive media campaign (by airing a song Suno Zara). Their heavy budgeted and bold campaign could have easily been noticed across the city through huge billboards and media. That campaign however raised a few eye brows because of unsubtle tag line.

It’s a fact that contraceptive product advertising in Pakistan is still a taboo. Such advertising and awareness campaigns should be encouraged in a society where there is NO AWARENESS regarding health of women especially in rural areas. Its also important for the health of women to have appropriate gaps between childbirths & that gap in childbirth is also a necessary to achieve financial stability and to counter the increasing population in a country like Pakistan and for that matter Green Star took an Okay step  however usage or promotion of condoms in our country is  still taken as something “religiously impressible” and “culturally unacceptable”  especially by the Mullah and Co. who believe in “Ask for more”

Majority of Pakistani audience took that ad as “an attack on cultural values”. They think such bold ads must not be aired in ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN because this type of advertising would affect our culture and encourage the trend of child birth prevention. I am not sure about the latent agenda of NGOs like Green Star but apparently they took a good step by boldly creating awareness among masses but at the same time it surprised me when even educated Pakistanis showed concerns against that particular ad despite knowing the fact they themselves indulge in not-so-decent Indian soaps with their families on cable Tv channels.

It’s a widely accepted fact that there is always a resistant to change but if change is betterment for the society it should be encouraged.



  1. :O

    Boltay to sahi ho bhai tum …But Allah par bharoosa karna chahieya …Allah jitnay day uski marzii …

  2. To be honest, part of me is relieved that this full-feature ad was not as dubious in nature than the other print ads hanging around the country and appearing in the newspapers every now and then. At least this one took it as a contraceptive measure “after” the marriage!

  3. One of my little cousin asked me to bring touch Chocolate which are available in three diffrent flavour. now made my thoughts why in Three color packing? Green, Blue lite green. condom have diffrent flavours? doesnt make sense to me.
    Well you know everything can happens in Pakistan. they never followed international rules like “P.G or SVNL” before broadcasting anything on internet. its soo emberessing when a little kid asked you to bring things like this. Sawat mai hota tu kia hota !!

  4. “Internet” = T.V and Radio.

  5. it is very bad thing ,,,,,

  6. thodi maa di laan saliyo viche chai peende ae viche muth maar de a maachodeyo sharm ni ondi haigi suno zara teri maa di lan saliyo jehra bhi owner touch daa onu main teh hitman ne kal nu mardena news par dekhunge saliyo badmaSHO

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