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This was not the first time GEO Tv channel was thrown at the tail end. Even in past Musharraf did the same infact more than that and this time they became the victim of “Democratic” government to which they were CRYING for.

Freedom of Media doesn’t mean that media should become party and carry certain agenda or say literally whatever they want to. I am still trying to figure out what GEO is upto. Are they carrying the agenda of Destabilization of Pakistan by their irresponsibly loud, increasingly conspiratorial, irritating and noisy reporting? I have been observing for quite some time that they never came up with optimistic or even neutral mind set.

In past they tried their level best to ruin Musharraf’s government and today PPP is being targeted by selective reporting. PEMRA should not tolerate any immaturity to this level. They were the first who without consulting to our Govt and Agencies aired the whereabouts of Ajmal Qassab, did INVESTIGATION and maligned the image of Pakistani agencies successfully.

Someone needs to tame them especially GEO TV. I believe Zardari did a splendid Job by tightening their ropes but it was for a limited period of time. We never see any Indian channel reporting against own country especially when it comes to international crises. A Tv channel with certain “Agenda” should be closely monitored and laws of defamation or inciting hatred against certain individuals or institutions should be implemented.

Pakistani media is still immature and the freedom given to them is still a NEW concept to them they have no idea how to use this blessing. Our authorities instead of turning a blind eye towards them should subtly do something for these self righteous groups not only for the survival of Government but for Pakistan’s image too.


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