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In some ways, criticizing Jinnah openly in Pakistan is equivalent to criticizing some Prophet (Naozubillah).

If one points out flaws in his “design,” one loses friends quickly, and gets abused. No one wants to be told they are worshiping a false god. Personalities like Jinnah/ Iqbal should be criticized positively for the sake opening new debates and “GHAUR O FIKR”. After all they were humans and not prophets. We follow blind nationalism and take their words as ‘word of God’ which is probably one of the reasons we are lagging behind.



    • The Only Normal Person Here.
    • Posted March 25, 2009 at 11:29 pm
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    Alright. I can understand your point. But they are our National heroes… which however, doesn’t mean that they are immune to criticism …but its hard sometimes. Plus you can only afford to criticize your founding fathers when country is prosperous and progressing… in the times like this which we are going through… where every second youngster wants to move in abroad and patriotism is only limited to 23rd March, 14th August, 25th December etc… I don’t think it would be wise to criticize our heroes … it will only result in more undermining patriotism. So, I dont support it at all until we at least come out of 3rd World Countries list.

    Anyhow… The good thing about this article is its precision.

  1. What I meant about criticism is positive critisicm or debate on their theories, of course no ordinary people should bash them just like that but I guess academic debates to criticise their theories should be held — that’s how we will learn more.

  2. Had we taken their words as “word of God” we wouldn’t have made this country a near-failed state.

    And seriously, in a country where majority of people cannot tolerate criticism against Bhuttos, Zardari, Sharifs, Mullahs or Bhais of Karachi, why is there even desire to the ones who made this country?

    Are we by any chance now regretting having this country?

  3. Nopes but debates should be encouraging.

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